Vice President Selina Meyer

Selina Meyer, born and raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland, has been a public servant for twenty years, most recently as Senator of the great state of Maryland.

Rather than opt for the easy path of inherited career opportunities, Meyer chose to put her advantages to work for greater good. She has toiled tirelessly during her years in public office to improve situations for all Americans, from the disenfranchised, to the middle class to corporate leaders working to create jobs.

Upcoming Appearances

Vice President Meyer will be making regular appearances on HBO Sundays at 10 PM.


Commemorative Plate

This one-of-a-kind collectable commemorates a pivotal and exciting time in our nation's history. A time of new beginnings, unexpected challenges and committed leadership.

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Selina Meyer Gets Serious About Obesity

The Vice President addresses an issue important to the Administration – and all Americans.


Selina Meyer Clarifies Recent Mis-speaking

The Vice President explains her accidental words from a recent appearance on Meet the Press.


Welcome, America

Vice President Selina Meyer has an open door policy when it comes to meeting the citizens of this great nation. Whether she is welcoming visitors to her website, or offering a tour of her office, the Vice President’s transparency is clear.


Official Tour

Press Secretary for the Office of the Vice President Mike McClintock leads you through a private tour of the Vice Presidential Offices.